“Being adopted is a pride, not a blockade”

Reason :

As an adopted Colombian the need to find out more about my roots and my biological parents surfaced years ago. At first I managed to locate a mother, only to find out, via a DNA-test, that I was switched as a baby. Finally, via the Dutch television show “Spoorloos”, I managed to locate my real birth mother.

Understanding where I came from has helped me a lot and made me a completer person. It also made me realise that the urge to find out where they come from lives amongst the majority of adopted people.

The story of my switch as a baby has also been picked up by Colombian media and is one the reasons why we have created this show. As said, the theatre performance will premier on May 29th 2017 in Bogota, Colombia.

Crowdfunding :


Every person has to the right to know who he is or where he comes from. Do you agree?

I therefore ask all people that feel related to adoption or recognize themselves in my story to invest in this campaign and make the premiere of this first adoptive theatre performance “La Historia de Rodrigo” on May 29th 2017 a big success?!

Everybody has the right to know who he is.


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